Sculpture knowledge

- Jul 04, 2017 -

One of the plastic arts. is carved and molded collectively. To be plastic (such as clay, sludge, etc.) or can be carved (such as metal, wood, stone, etc.) materials, the production of a variety of real volume image. Because it occupies three degrees (long, wide, high) space, it is also known as "Space Art." Also called "Visual art" or "tactile art". Generally divided into round and reliefs. It can be divided into outdoor sculpture and indoor sculpture. Because the material can be preserved for a long time, and can play a decorative and beautification of the building, utensils and other functions, it often has a permanent and commemorative.

China in the Neolithic period, there is a realistic and decorative style of sculpture, still a lot of existence. Shang Zhou appeared in the Zhizhuo and realism of the jade carving and grim and mysterious bronze reliefs, composed of geometric patterns mainly decorative style. Spring and autumn, the Warring States of sculpture, style and diverse, and unified in a strong dynamic and decorative deformation. The Qin Dynasty sculpture with Static in the movement, the majesty of Zeon's realistic style, instead of the war era Bo Dou sense and decorative wind. Han Dynasty sculpture with deep content and vivid dynamic, showing the depth of social reality. To the northern and Southern dynasties, stone kilns and temples of sculpture, style and categories tend to be numerous. The Tang Dynasty sculpture, the modelling plump graceful, the vehemence broad, spreads the ancient. The Song Dynasty sculpture is proficient in the performance of real life, sculpture techniques innovation. The Qing Dynasty sculpture was a red-tape. Most of the sculpture art is easy to understand, can break through language, text, national and national restrictions, the image of science, culture, economy, politics, military, customs and other social life, with considerable artistic value and historical value, is a valuable information study of human history.

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