Resin ornaments different colors and different processes

- Jul 06, 2018 -

In the resin handicraft production enterprises, there are professional color (paint) personnel or institutions, specializing in the modulation and research analysis of different colors. Including printing factory ink, automotive paint coloring, etc., are all done by professionals. Different regions and different environments have different color requirements. This requires the professional skills of the coloring personnel and requires accurate color matching. The current computer coloring is more accurate than manual coloring.

Resin decoration crafts common features:

1. It has strong anti-fouling, acid-resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is non-radioactive and is an environmentally friendly product.

2, has a good self-cleaning performance. Because the surface of the product is smooth and dense, the surface is not easy to be dusty. Compared with the white cement railing and the coarse stone railing, it has good self-cleaning performance, rain washing and self-cleaning.

3, no maintenance and easy maintenance. If there is a slight scratch, remove it with a water-stained paper and a toothpaste. The product makes up for the shortcomings of iron (wood) railing stripping, rusting, and maintenance of paint every other year.

4, the appearance of the effect is beautiful. The product pattern is clear and smooth, the color is rich and varied, the shape is exquisite, the surface is as clean as jade, and its appearance has the effect of natural jade gemstone, the quality is noble and elegant.

5. Variety of products and varied shapes. The product adopts a three-dimensional forming process.

6, using a seamless connection process, good security design.

7, personalized demand processing and production makes the product's modeling color more rich, more beautiful and practical.

As far as resin crafts are concerned, the shape is realistic and there are huge consumer groups in Europe and America. Its color is beautiful and changeable. There are dozens of colors for single-piece products, so there are no fewer than one hundred kinds of paints in the paint room of the handicraft factory. The paints using the finished products are only a few colors of red, white, black, blue, yellow, etc., and their color lines are far from satisfying the production needs of the crafts, so they must be prepared by professionals. After the color is adjusted, 2 to 4 samples should be copied according to the original, and used as a reference material for factory production for mass production.

The different colors of the resin ornaments are formulated using the principle of the three primary colors. For example yellow + blue = green.

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