Resin manufacturers produce a variety of resin crafts

- May 21, 2018 -

Resin arts and crafts is a new type of craftsmanship that has been popular in recent years. Its vivid shape has won the love of consumers and its sales have also risen. Resin crafts technology Then how many friends understand how crafts manufacturers make such vivid products? What other production processes does it have? Here's a look at craftsmanship together with craftsmen.

The raw materials of resin handicrafts are derived from resin, and are molded by moulds to form a variety of products. The use of mold materials for the production of resin handicrafts is also quite extensive. It is low in cost and can be used to make all kinds of molded products. Such as various sets of doors and windows, vase columns, embossed waistline, Roman columns, embossed flowers, squatting lines, mountain flowers, antique sofas, antique European beds and so on. These are all ubiquitous in our lives. Speaking of everyone here, we should have a little understanding of resin crafts. First of all, according to their own preferences to determine the shape of crafts, and then use silicon rubber to make the corresponding mold, add appropriate amount of filler in the unsaturated resin and stir evenly, if not evenly mixed, then the craftsmanship may come out a lot of defects After mixing, add the curing agent and accelerant to the unsaturated resin and continue to stir evenly into the mold; finally, wait for the resin to solidify and release, and obtain the desired handicraft.

The raw materials of mold silicone for resin handicrafts have the following characteristics:

1, compared to metal and other materials, it is an elastic body, with elasticity, easier to release.

2, easy to use, after mixing the two groups can react to generate molds at room temperature.

3, according to the processing and application requirements, can be cured into different hardness and hardness of the product and then by changing the catalyst type, dosage, and curing conditions can get different properties of the mold glue.

4, has good physical properties, with heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, wide temperature range (-60-300oC) and other characteristics.

5, no poisoning, limited use conditions.

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