Resin handicraft painting requirements

- Jul 06, 2018 -

There are many types of handicraft paints and handicraft paints, such as glass paint, antique paint, crack paint, leather paint, ceramic paint, outdoor paint paint and so on. There are many requirements for the painting effect and operation skills of handicrafts. Below, let's talk about the operation requirements of resin handicraft painting.

1. Keep the floor, countertops, utensils and measuring tools clean and tidy every day. Keeping the spray booth clean and tidy is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of handicraft paint. It is best to have a closed space.

2, according to the formula requirements accurately weighed a variety of paint, add to the ingredients in the barrel to mix evenly, accurate weighing is the necessary condition to ensure the color difference between the products, it is best to have professional deployment of the factory, otherwise rely on their own naked eye, then professional The paint adjuster is unlikely to reach the same color for each batch of product.

3, each type of crafts paint must have a special measuring tool, do a good job of marking, after the completion of the use of water or thinner to clean, and to the prescribed place.

4. Before painting, prepare for the spray, clean the spray gun, filter the paint, and adjust the air pressure.

5. Put the product on the turntable, first blow the dust on the product with a blow gun, and then check whether the product is qualified.

6. When painting, it is necessary to master the uniformity of handicraft paint to avoid piles of paint and sag. After the spray is finished, compare the sample, whether the self-test product is sprayed in place, and whether it meets the requirements.

7. Be sure to keep the paint room, scale, measuring tool and beaker clean and tidy before painting.

8. When weighing, the liquid material should be as high as possible with a high balance or measuring cylinder. The solid material must be weighed with a balance.

9. The first product must pass the quality inspection and pass the test before proceeding to the next step.

10. Wear protective clothing, open the dust removal equipment to make the workshop air clear, and check whether the equipment and tools are in good condition.

The above is all the article sharing about the operational requirements of resin crafts.

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