Resin handicraft material use introduction

- May 10, 2018 -

The use of resin handicraft materials is widely used. The resin handicrafts are widely used for materials, low in cost, and can be used to make all kinds of molded products. Such as: all kinds of doors and windows sets, Roman columns, mountain flowers, embossed waistline, embossed flowers, squatting lines, vase columns, antique sofas, antique European beds, all kinds of round sculpture, embossed, imitation agate, imitation jade products, portraits, statues, Animals, rockeries, bonsai, fountains, garden railings, staircase handrails, manhole covers, rain rides, embossed flowers and other difficult, multi-flower carving.

resin girls christmas hanging ornaments

The product is suitable for gypsum products, cement products, imitation agate, imitation jade products, sandstone products, resin products, magnesite products and other curable product mold production, is a building materials products factory, decorative materials factory, handicraft factory, antique furniture factory , Environmental arts companies, FRP products factory, cement molding products factory mold materials.

Mainly engaged in projects

      1, processing and custom all kinds of molds and handicraft mold rental and sale.

      2, processing custom various gifts.

      3. Design and construction of round sculpture, relief sculpture, artificial trees, large-scale artificial rockery, and comprehensive landscape project.

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