Resin gift shallow method

- Apr 27, 2018 -

The shallow carving of resin gifts is a means of carving. It refers to a shallow expression method from the embossed surface to the engraved starting line. It is commonly found in bone carvings, jade carvings, seals, bronze wares, architecture, stone carvings, and bamboo carvings. Shallow carvings can be intaglio or yang carvings.

    Shallow carved in our country first appeared in the bone carving. Unearthed in the Neolithic Hemudu Site, the two-bird coffin was carved with two-headed birds of the same head in a shallow, resinous manner. Rhythmic feelings were also drawn on both ends of the bone with parallel lines and dotted lines. Geometric pattern.

    Neolithic jade carvings are mainly portraits. The crown feathers, hair, limbs, and head decoration of the gods are basically represented by shallow carvings. The lines are delicate and elaborate.

    The tiger dynasty Da Shi Xin, a Shang Dynasty unearthed from the tomb of Wuguan Village, Anyang, Henan Province in 1950, is a resin gift relief sculpture created by a shallow method. The author uses a double hook wire to depict a tiger with a mouth stretched out. Covered with decorative patterns. After the seal has appeared, whether it is carved or carved, the printed text is completed using shallow engraving.

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