Resin crafts production process introduction

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Resin crafts production process introduction, the following Shenzhen Amilla Crafts&Gifts Factory to give you a specific introduction, there are the following five major links


According to the size of the mold and the quantity of the product, the unsaturated resin is first weighed out and poured into the seasoning barrel. The curing agent is first added to the unsaturated resin, and the mixture is stirred thoroughly, followed by adding the accelerating agent to mix thoroughly.

2. Molding

The mold should be placed on the (horizontal state) work surface. The mold surface inside the mold should be cleaned. Use a small spoonful of slurry to slowly pour in one spoonful. Do not pour it, and pour it from the high point to make it. Natural flow.

3. Pumping

Transfer the filled molds to a powerful vacuum compressor and squeeze the excess bubbles in the resin slurry due to stirring. Otherwise, there will be pores in the finished product.

4. Demoulding

After the slurry is poured into the mold, it can be solidified after 1-2 hours, and the mold can be released after solidification.

5. Grinding

After demolding the hair (coarse) embryos, it is necessary to grind the slurry inlet port by hand on a sanding machine; use a small mechanical tool to repair the mold line; then sand the whole product surface with No. 240 sandpaper. Repeat with 600 fine sandpaper smoothing.

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