Resin crafts manufacturing method

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Resin crafts manufacturing method 1, pinhole, oil hole In the production process of resin handicrafts, many small holes appear on the surface of many products. We generally have the following solutions for these pores. 1) Control the amount of oil involved before producing the pulp, and then mix it evenly. 2)During the production process, some relatively high-concentration resin materials are used in order to reduce the delamination of the slurry during the addition of the stone powder. 3)pay attention to the degree of moisture in stone powder filling, if too much water will lead to delamination. 4)It is imperative to strictly control the amount of oil involved, and the less the better, the better.

2, stomata In the production process of handicrafts, in addition to the handicrafts with very complicated structures, we can easily find pores in places where the resistance is large, such as corners. 1)in the complex and sophisticated mold design process to take into account the problem of stomatal, in the corner to add air vents to facilitate the evacuation effect, reduce the probability of occurrence of stomata. 2)as little as possible with some white and red raw materials, so that the resin crafts solidification time increase a little, in order to save enough time to extract the air in the mold. 3)to ensure that the resin crafts in the vacuum chamber of the pumping speed quickly reached 0.2Mpa, this pumping effect is very good. 4)Use some dilute resin materials or less filler to make thinner dilute material, so that when the air is drawn, the air in the mould can be extracted cleanly and no air bubbles will appear on the surface of the product.

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