Resin crafts maintenance methods

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Resin crafts maintenance methods 
1 Cleaning Many people find that their own resin craft ornaments are dirty, and they all like to wipe with a wet rag.
If you often wipe with a wet rag, the moisture will penetrate into the resin and gradually damage the resin.
Therefore, you can use dry cotton cloth or feather duster to remove the dust from the resin handicraft.
2 Polishing If it is found that the gloss of the resin arts and crafts ornaments is not good at ordinary times,
you can use a brush to apply the polish to the surface of the resin handicraft and wipe it with a rag.Or wipe with
 a waxy or oily fabric.

3 Store Resin crafts must not be placed in direct sunlight, otherwise it may lead to cracking over time. 
Second, resin crafts should not be placed in extremely humid places. In a very humid environment,
due to the material, some of the resins grow "mildew". Conclusion: With the continuous development and
expansion of the home furnishing industry, it also brings great potential to the market for decorations.
It also provides a wider choice for people who like handicrafts and decorations. Today, with the rapid
development of material life, people are increasingly pursuing spiritual pursuits. People are paying more
attention to the experience of life and the comfort and personalization of the entire home.

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