Resin crafts maintenance knowledge

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Although the resin handicrafts are relatively solid, they have to understand the maintenance after they have bought the handicrafts. Understand that maintenance can better maintain the product's life longer. As the summer arrives, the weather is hotter and more important, how to maintain it.

  Resin crafts maintenance methods:

1. Resin Crafts Maintenance of Antique Copper: Summer is coming, and the sun is intense everywhere. For example, arts and crafts that are placed outdoors should be covered with a shed. Although the resin crafts have been sun-dried, they want the products to be placed outdoors for 7 or 8 years, and the best tents are hidden. This can extend the life of the product. Otherwise, long-term sun and rain will reduce the longevity of handicrafts. When placed indoors, place it in a dry, airy place. For example, small items can be placed on the desk, and large items are placed in the lobby, office, conference room, etc. Many crafts have white space above them, so some friends like to put some things such as food for use on them, it is easy to attract worms and the like.

2. Metal crafts maintenance: Do not put metal things in wet places. Metal products are easily rusted and oxidized after they are wetted with water.

Above are some of my insights that we shared with you.

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