Resin crafts knowledge

- Apr 26, 2018 -

News Abstract: Resin Crafts refers to both practical and artistic objects. Resin is used as the main raw material. Through casting moulding, various figures, animals, birds, landscapes, and so on can be made into beautiful shapes. Various simulation effects. Resin crafts are colorful.

Resin crafts refers to articles that are both practical and artistic. Resins are used as the main raw material, and they are molded through molds.


It is made into various realistic figures, animals, birds, landscapes, etc., and can be made into various simulation effects. Resin crafts are colorful


Good modeling simulation, three-dimensional feeling is very strong, more suitable for home decoration.

The craftwork of resin handicrafts is mainly animals, figures, cartoons, religions, landscapes, festivals, garden water modeling, functionalities, fountains,

Simulation and other major categories. The resin handicrafts are based on the ratio of the resin brand and the resin in accordance with the ratio of raw materials.


The general raw materials for small resin handicrafts are: fixed resin, stone powder or any other antique materials, such as imitation marble products, available resin brands, and marble powder.

The general raw materials of large-scale resin crafts are: resin, stone powder, color paste. The hollow can be filled with resin waste, and the large resin product is generally filled with resin waste.

The price of resin handicrafts has increased compared with previous years, and orders from foreign customers are also more.

Resin crafts can be used not only for decoration, but also as a gift for customers. It is suitable for people who pay attention to life style.

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