Personal choice gift giving five notes

- May 27, 2018 -

(1) The gift object

For different personality, different occasions, different time, different status and taste, the gifts are also different.

(2) Purpose of giving gifts

   Everyone has a certain purpose in giving gifts. Friends give gifts to deepen friendships. Parents give gifts to their children to increase affection, and husbands give gifts to their wives to enhance love between the two. The object of the gifts is a businessman. You must send gifts that are symbolic in terms of "prosperous sources of money," "prosperous business," and "successful success."

(3) Customs and habits

   Roses are delivered on Valentine's Day and love is seen in China, while some countries in Western Europe think it is a culture that hurts the region. Therefore, giving gifts at different times and in different places will express different feelings. Four years of classmates, rushing toward each other at present, leaving a commemorative album or some gadgets for dear alumni will be profound emotions. It is advisable for juniors to give gifts to their elders and choose health care and gifts that are helpful to their elders. A person with a career. On birthdays or festive days, he will be happy if he can send gifts that include "big success", "successful success" and "promising prospects." Everyone has vanity. Therefore, different people, different occasions, and gifts decide to purchase different gifts.

(4) Gifting Environment

    In China, the Han people in some parts of the country like to send pork food during the Spring Festival. This is a symbol of the ancestors in the Muslim or Islamic countries. Therefore, different customs and different nationalities believe in it. For example, when graduating, and separated from the three-year classmates, they send each other a message with a blessing to each other, which means that they will have the chance to see each other again. Each must work hard. Different environments, gifts are also different.

   (5) Gift-giving season

     Whenever you want to reunite with your loved ones, you may wish to send them some auspicious and reunion items. On Children's Day, adults will think about giving children toys, learning stationery and the like. Gifts are also a way to increase affection and encourage growth. The gift for the leaders is to deepen personal communication. Different environments, different times and occasions require different gifts to express your mind.

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