Materials and fabrication methods for stone sculptures and sandstone sculptures

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Stone sculpture art often because of the use of different materials, production methods also vary.

Stone sculpture is the use of a variety of different stone carving works, it occupies an important position in history, regardless of China or foreign countries very early development of stone sculpture art.

Stone sculptures generally use marble, Huagang, Huianshi, Green Tian Shi, Shoushan stone, precious stone and other materials. Huagang, marble suitable for carving large statues, green Tian Shi, Shoushan stone color rich, more suitable for small stone carving. Stone carving methods are varied, according to the nature of stone and carving habits are different, roughly divided into two kinds: first, the traditional method, the concept, composition, modelling and sculpture is done by the individual. and large-scale sculpture to the stone to draw a good horizontal line and vertical lines, the grid to pick the material, with a simple method of measuring positioning to carve. The second is to adopt a new process, that is, to do the clay sculpture, turned into a plaster, and then plaster like (model) as the basis, relying on the point-shaped instrument, carved into stone statues.

Sandstone sculpture

The main products are sandstone round, embossed murals, carved flower board, art flowerpot, sculpture fountain, style fireplace, Roman pillar, door and window sets, lines, frame, lighting, puzzle, Liangto, home decoration, environmental sculpture, architectural detail sculpture, garden sculpture, campus sculpture, abstract sculpture, celebrity sculpture, European components, sandstone board, hollow column, hollow flower board, plastic mold rockery, landscape sculpture (decorative sculpture, waterscape sculpture) and so on.

All products can be in accordance with the requirements of arbitrary coloring, painting, polishing the light and shade, gold, and can be handled by technology to make the surface of the work rough, delicate, cracked, natural cracks and other real stone effect. The main production color has yellow sandstone, white sandstone, red sandstone. Pure hand-built, wear-resistant, durable, beautiful use. Products are completely synthetic inorganic materials, belong to green environmental protection products. Can be customized according to customer drawings.

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