Maintenance method of Bronze sculpture

- Jul 04, 2017 -

The unearthed bronze sculpture is often muddy rust, the decoration is not clear, the proper cleaning, let the soil itself drop, and then with a small brush quietly rinse, encountered the effect of the decorative soil rust, can be removed from bamboo sticks, do not use a copper brush or hard brush efforts to flush, more can not be used to finish polishing, otherwise it will damage the bronze sculpture, and lost the value of preservation.

So how to maintain the bronze sculpture? With the silver oxide and the cuprous acid touch, turn off cuprous chloride in the storm and arrive to manipulate the corrosion of copper carving intent. A mechanical method is used to remove the powdery rust and expose the gray-white waxy cuprous chloride. The silver oxide and alcohol are then made into a paste, coated with cuprous chloride appearance and placed in a humid environment, making it fully effective, and forming copper oxide and cupric chloride to conceal the appearance of copper chloride. Both are stable salts, so repeated operations, until the artifacts in a high humidity environment still does not appear powdery rust corrosion point stopped. This method is suitable for mottled partial corrosion of objects and objects with metal inserts.

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