Key craftsmanship of cartoon resin crafts

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Our lives are filled with a lot of resin crafts. These crafts are generally art-based, and the cartoons are the majority. When these cartoon resin crafts are produced, each resin crafts manufacturer will have its own production. Process, then the four most critical processes in the production of resin crafts have the following processes:

First, the choice of model:

This is the key to making a good mold. The plastic material of the mold can be plastic, ceramic, wood, metal, resin, sludge, etc., but the surface must be smooth. Only molds with a smooth surface can make a mold with a smooth surface and a smooth surface. With this mold, a good product can be made.

Second, the processing method of the model

If the surface of the mold is rough or defective, it is necessary to first rebuild the mold before making the mold. If the mold is defective, the missing parts can be repaired with mold sludge or adjusted resin. After drying, use a 1000-mesh fine sandpaper to clean it, then spray the varnish, dry it and then mold. If the mold is complete but the surface is rough, it can be polished with fine sandpaper and trimming gun, sprayed with varnish, dried and then mold.

Third, the material allocation According to the requirements of the products made resin and powder excipients proportioned well, this is also a key link in resin crafts production technology, many people do not pay attention, so can not make a good product.

First stir the resin and powder material in the container, but do not add accelerator and curing agent. Depending on the quantity and progress of the production, it is best to let the adjusted slurry stand in the container for about 20 minutes, so that the resin and powder materials can be thoroughly mixed, and the bubbles are removed, and then the accelerator and curing agent are added to fill the mold. The product is clean and smooth.

Fourth, curing agent and accelerator

The same resins and ingredients make the product good and bad, mainly in the quality of the curing agent and accelerator. There are many curing agents and accelerators that have a high water content and the surface of the product is rough. On the contrary, the products made with accelerators and curing agents with little or no water are smooth and tidy. Since the resin is an oily chemical material that cannot be added to water, it is necessary to use a promoter and a curing agent that do not contain water.

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