Is the resin handicraft a fragile item?

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Is the resin handicraft a fragile item?

Many sloppy people will consider whether or not they are fragile when choosing home decorations. Because they may be careless, it is an expenditure. Then Xiaobian will tell you whether resin crafts are fragile items.

Resins are generally considered to be normal metabolites or secretions of plant tissues. They often coexist 
with volatile oils in the secretory cells of plants, resin tracts or ducts, especially in the conduits of perennial
woody plant heartwood. A mixture of multiple ingredients, usually amorphous, with a slightly shiny surface,
hard and brittle, and a few semisolids. It is insoluble in water, does not absorb water, and is easily soluble in
most organic solvents such as alcohol, ether and chloroform. Heated and softened, finally melted, with thick
smoke when burning, and with a special aroma or odor. Divided into two major categories of natural resins
and synthetic resins. Resin crafts such as rosin and benzoin are natural resins, and phenolic resins and polyvinyl
chloride resins are synthetic resins. Resin is the main raw material for manufacturing plastics, and it is also used
for making coatings, adhesives, and insulating materials.

Resin is divided into natural resin and synthetic resin. Natural resins refer to amorphous organic substances derived from animal and plant secretions in nature, such as rosin, amber, shellac, and the like. Synthetic resin refers to a resin product obtained by chemical synthesis of a simple organic substance or a chemical reaction of certain natural products. In general, resin is a material that is between metal and glass. Intensity and flexibility are among them, the general fall off will scrap off the scrap, or due to more hollow parts and the overall break. The plasticity of resin handicrafts is very strong. If you have already chosen resin handicrafts, use them carefully and avoid falling them as far as possible.

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