How to place home resin crafts?

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Throughout the ages, our people are very particular about home decoration, as we have seen in television dramas. The emperor and the minister, the decoration of the courtyard are very different, their respective collocations are not the same. Different places are not the same. The study is usually written in paper, ink, and ink. There are many coffee tables in the hall. Home resin crafts how to put it?

Home Furnishing Craftsmanship Tips IBefore decorating, the first step is to understand the classification of crafts. Generally speaking, it can be divided into two categories: one is for decoration, and there is no practicality, but the decorative effect is very strong and beautiful. And some art values are still very high, such as exquisite ancient porcelain, paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and so on. The second category is the decoration, but also has a certain degree of practicality, such as wine, tea utensils, vases or artistic lamps and so on.

Home Furnishing Craftsmanship Tips II Some people could not wait to buy arts and crafts after decorating their house. And most of them will be bought in large quantities in the craft market, especially if they are cheap and discounted, they will completely lose their reason. However, in fact, home furnishings do not require much, but they must be sophisticated. That is, when buying, you only need to choose your favorite, and the style is consistent with the decoration, but also exquisite workmanship, or placed in the room will reduce the original grade.

Home Furnishing Craftsmanship Tips III

The display of crafts should not be confused and should be clearly identified. It is high in the interior and low in the exterior. You can use a mirror or color block as a background. But the background can't use fancy decoration,otherwise it will make you lose.

The second is to select quality products to display when placing, but also to combine the size and proportion of furniture. Like on the desk, just place a small piece of exquisite carving, you can put a bouquet of flowers, or a set of tea on the coffee table

Home Furnishing Craftsmanship Tips IV

Crafts in different rooms should also be different. The living room and study should choose a stable, elegant and
culturally crafted product. Can also be combined with the personal occupation and hobbies to display, display
engaged in artistic painting, you can display your own paintings in the study. However, the bedroom is a place
where warmth and comfort are required. Therefore, some decorative paintings, fabrics and
other crafts can be arranged

Our modernity is more different than in ancient times. When the home resin handicrafts are placed, the effects of lighting must also be considered. Sometimes you can choose the background of the backlight, or use the lighting of the space. Different lights and different directions of illumination will make crafts show different aesthetics. Normal warm lighting will have a soft and warm feeling, shells or resin crafts, it is more suitable. If the home is a crystal or glass craft, it's best to choose cool lights, which will look more translucent.

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