How to make resin crafts always beautiful as new?

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Our common resin crafts appearance is very beautiful. Resin crafts are not as popular as general merchandise. An exquisite resin handicraft is not enough to buy and watch it, but it requires a certain amount of maintenance to make it always new.

In the resin arts and crafts ornaments of our homes, the surface gloss of the resin handicraft ornaments will decline with time, which will seriously affect the appearance of the products. How to do specific drugs?

1. It is also possible to achieve the desired results by rubbing some walnut oil with a cotton towel and gently rubbing it on the surface of the resin handicraft. In fact, if you want to avoid cleaning troubles and insist on the original state of resin crafts, the best way is to cover the resin crafts with a glass cover and place a small glass of water inside the cover.

2, resin crafts are most afraid of sun exposure, so it must not be placed in direct sunlight, otherwise it may lead to cracking time. Resin crafts should not be placed in a very humid place. In a very humid environment, the local resin can grow long hair because of the material. If you have high-end resin artwork in your home, you can put it on the furniture in the living room to ensure that the sun cannot reach.

3. Many people who buy resin handicrafts or rooted resin handicrafts like to wipe with a wet rag. If they are often wiped with a wet rag, the water will penetrate into the resin and gradually damage the resin. Therefore, dry cotton cloth can be used for cleaning. Or feather dusters will dust the resin crafts. If it is found that the gloss of the resin crafts is not good, you can use a brush to apply the polish to the appearance of the resin handicrafts. Use a rag to wipe the polish, or you can use wax or Grease cloth wipe.

Place in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight and clean regularly. By doing this, resin crafts won't fade over time.

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