How to choose the craft ornaments in the lobby

- Jun 04, 2018 -

As we all know, the lobby is divided into company lobby, hotel lobby, government office lobby, airport lobby and so on. Now it is more popular to put some large ornaments in the lobby, so that the whole lobby is not so monotonous and bring out the elegant atmosphere of the entire building. What sort of arts and crafts is suitable for display in the lobby?

   1. Green potted objects

    Like the lobby is generally more open, in addition to lighting, curtains, frescoes, many places in the lobby are relatively empty. Everyone knows that the lobby is one of the signs for our entire building. The first impression is particularly important. So you can't be sloppy in your decoration. In the general lobby, green pots can be placed on both sides of the entrance, and can also be placed on the stairs. There are also some water crafts. Don't put too much noise on the display, as long as you can embellish the beauty of the entire environment.

2. Resin craft gifts

   In addition to green potted plants, resin crafts are undoubtedly a good option. Resin crafted with resin as a material, such as cows, horses, tripods, lucky gifts, vases, discs, eagles and other products are all It is more suitable for placement in the lobby. And each product is rich in meaning, exquisite products and atmosphere, is one of the products to decorate the lobby. At the same time for customers, visitors appreciate.

  3. Metal Crafts

    Metal products can be regarded as high-end products in craft gifts. For example, a metal tripod is placed in the lobby, and the metal tripod is also a variety of styles, and it is not rusted on the outside. Ding is regarded as a nation-building device and is a symbol of the country and power. Until now, the Chinese still have a sense of worship, and Ding Zi has also been given the meaning of honor, dignity, and grandeur. Therefore, being placed in the lobby is also a sign that the business is booming, prosperous, and peaking.

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