How to choose large-size resin crafts packaging

- May 27, 2018 -

A good gift is not only an exquisite and beautiful product. The appearance of the packaging can not be ignored, but the choice is also very important, the new art source boutique Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the main production of large pieces of resin products, metal tripod, pure copper tripod, celebration gifts, business gifts manufacturers. This series of products are relatively large, in the packaging is also a lot of effort, choose the packaging according to the size of the product, color, design have to be related to the product.

     Large pieces of resin crafts, generally based on carton foam, foam mainly play ingot solid products, and each foam must be designed according to the size of each product. The hardness of the foam must be high, and the soft foam easily shakes the product and is easily damaged. Therefore, the hardness is required to select the foam, which mainly protects the product from damage.

Soft foams are prone to shaking when the product is easily damaged, so the hardness needed to select the foam is mainly to protect the product from damage.

     In addition to foam, the resin crafts are cartons. The size of the cartons is also determined by the length, width, and height of the products. The hardness of the cartons must also be rigid, so that they are not crushed or the products are broken during transportation. However, the carton color and design outside can be accompanied by company name, product size, product process, product name, company logo, etc. This can promote the company's brand name and increase the visibility of the company's products.

   In general, a company’s products are pushed to countries all over the world, so they must not be sloppy on the packaging. Apart from carton foam, large pieces of resin handicrafts need to be used outside the country. Many products are shipped to all parts of the country, and logistics companies generally need to arrive in the region. - In 10 days, there is still a need for turnover in the middle of the journey. However, depending on the province, the product will be unloaded and unloaded. If it does not hit the wooden frame to the position designated by the customer, the product will be damaged and unnecessary trouble will result. . In order for customers to receive beautiful products, in order to save the company's profits, so this wooden frame can not be saved.

Here, for everyone to talk about, a good gift is needed to maintain the packaging, what kind of product to customize what kind of packaging, which is also a business, manufacturers should pay attention to the issue. In the resin industrial products industry, the manufacturers of packaging cartons have also rapidly developed with the demand for various products, but they still need to continue to improve and work hard.

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