How to choose a large resin craft base?

- May 27, 2018 -

How to choose a large resin craft base?

    In fact, a variety of handicrafts made of resin are available. There are large and small items in style. Regardless of the size, the bottom of the product always has a base to match the product, the overall effect will be coordinated, then how to choose the resin craft wooden seat?

  1. What are the types of base?

  Base is divided into resin, crystal, wooden base, stone carving and other materials, made of a variety of process effects, if the custom product selection base, first consider the above part of the product if the best match. Resin crafts + crystal, wood, resin, stone, etc. match. Generally large pieces of resin crafts are mostly made of wooden bases. Crystal-like bases are not suitable for large products because there is not such a thick and large crystal base.

  2, choose wooden seat should pay attention to what

    Just talked about large-scale resin crafts suitable for wooden wooden seats, with ordinary wood after processing through the formation of the wooden seat, in the selection of the first attention to the appearance of the process effect, it is best to "crack lacquer", this will not It is not easy to get rid of the fade, and remember to purchase the base of the leather package. If it is placed in a damp place or in a dark place for a period of time, the surface will be broken.

3. What are the benefits of wooden seats?

    Generally large pieces of large-scale resin products are relatively large, wooden seat is also relatively large, so the wooden seat in addition to the product name, can be directly printed on the above, advertising, copper, etc., and not easy to lose. The pedestals like other stone carvings, resins, and crystals must be carved. This wooden seat is relatively simple and quick, and the effect it produces is not lost in the sculptured effect.

  The above three points can be for your reference, I hope you can help everyone.

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