Handicraft factory latest imitation wood grain technology introduction

- May 10, 2018 -

With the advancement of technology and the need for products and the control of costs, there is a growing demand for imitative wood products. However, there are many products on the market that do not meet the technical requirements. For this purpose, Zhao Liang resin has specifically studied imitation wood grain technology. The following is a technical introduction.


High degree of simulation, good effect, can be applied to a variety of substrates

Full construction, seamless, smooth and smooth

Material, salary, time cost, economy, low cost

Fast construction, time saving, labor saving, simple construction

Construction method and steps

Sudeland Requirements:

A. The surface of the resin is required to be flat and dry, with a PH value of less than 10, without any grease or contaminants

B. Painted with old paint, painted surface must be tested or confirmed to be adherable before construction, otherwise it must be removed on top of the closed anti-alkaline primer on the object to be coated twice on the anti-alkaline primer, spray, brush or roller do wood Pattern

A. After the primer is dry, brush it with imitation wood paint, and then apply the imitation wood paint with copper or a brush to paint it evenly. Then use an oil brush to brush it down in one direction (paint the imitation wood paint immediately , can not wait to dry before brushing) Serve wood. (Shortly cut the brush's hair, then cut some small gaps

B. After the primer is dry, apply the imitation lacquer evenly on top with a copper or brush, and then use a wood grainer to pull out the grain.

Full coating of transparent weathering finish

A. After imitation wood paint is completely dry (after 12-48 hours) depending on the weather

B. After confirming the penetration of the cadres, it shall be fully sprayed with a transparent weatherproof top coat twice, requiring more than 0.25 kg per square meter.

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