Describing the types and forms of sculpture

- Jul 04, 2017 -

The form of sculpture is generally divided into two kinds: round and relief.

I. Round

The so-called round is not compressed, can multi-directional, multi-angle appreciation of three-dimensional sculpture. Methods and forms are also varied, with realistic and decorative there are specific and abstract, indoor and outdoor, on the shelf with large-scale city sculptures, coloring and non-coloring, sculpture content and theme is also rich and colorful, can be a character sculpture, can also be animal with sculpture, even still life.

II. Relief

The so-called relief is a combination of sculpture and painting products, with a compression method to deal with objects, by perspective and other factors to show the three-dimensional space, and only for one or both sides to watch. Relief is generally attached to another plane, so use more on the building, utensils are often visible.

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