Creative lamp manufacturers how to place the lamp does not affect the eyes

- May 21, 2018 -

The spotlight is a purely decorative lamp. Because it can concentrate the light beam, the spotlight can be used in the home to draw people's attention to a craft, a painting or a knickknack, a souvenir, or a small sculpt that you carefully arrange.

Table lamp: Table lamp is mainly used in the study room, children's room desk, the Taiwan lighting is concentrated evenly, can adjust the breadth, direction, protect the eyesight, the lamp has a variety of shapes, set ornamental, interesting, practical in one, very popular. Please pay attention to practicality and safety when purchasing lamps. Larger living rooms can use more fashionable lamps, such as three-prong chandeliers, floral wall lamps, multi-rotating art lights, and floor lamps. If the area is small, it is not appropriate to install lamps that are too luxurious and complicated because it will increase the crowdedness. For rooms with a floor height of less than 3 meters, chandeliers should not be installed and only ceiling lamps can be installed. Selecting lamps and lanterns to meet the safety requirements, some lamps are poor quality products, will not be used soon or broken, easy to go out of power, such lights can not buy. To this end, buy a luminaire to recognize the trademark and purchase it from a reputable store. In addition, the lamp power should not be too large, because some lampshades made of flammable fabrics may cause a fire when they hit a high-power light bulb. Pay attention to the selection of environmentally-friendly lighting fixtures, the general room lighting has a corresponding illumination standard (lx), such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen should be 75lx, restaurants, halls and other 50lx, reading and writing areas need 150 to 200lx.

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