Basic tools of stone sculpture

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Shan Stone Hammer. For percussion tools, used to strike stone carving or wood carving knife carving stone, timber, divided into large, medium and small third. Flower Hammer is also a stone hammer, directly to hammer surface percussion stones, resulting in rugged and thick, seamless sculpture sense. Chop axe is used to chop and chop stone face directly, chop out neat parallel thin line, can strengthen the statue of the sense of direction, rhythm.

Shan Stone chisel. For steel bar-shaped stone tools, the lower end of the wedge-shaped or tapered, ends with a cutting edge, with a hammer to hit the upper end of the blade force, according to the shape of the edge chisel, Flat chisel, semicircular chisel and Teeth chisel, is the basic tool stone.

Shan sculpture Knife. For clay tools, for scraping, cutting, sticking, picking, pressing, wiping clay and modelling. Also divided into 3 kinds: the first is a metal tool, from steel (blue rust), stainless steel, brass and so on, the knife head is divided into oblique triangular, willow, and arrowhead-shaped, and some edges are serrated. The second is a non-metallic tool, made of bamboo, wood, bone, ivory, ox horn, plastic and other materials. The large tool shape has sole shape, cuttlefish bone shape, thumb shape, oblique triangle and so on; small tool shape has a ling-shaped, foot-shaped, spherical, bar and so on. The third type of scraper, can be cut shape and do clothing lines, a variety of circular arcs and square double-sided scraper and so on.

Shan wood carving knife. Generally by the knife head, knife and iron hoop, according to the shape of the cutting edge, oblique edge, triangle and round mouth knife 4 kinds, according to the neck of the curved neck, straight neck Two, each category has a large, medium and small 3rd.

Shan Bow put. For sculpture with calipers. Measurable distance, there are two retractable ivory-shaped card feet, but also at any time to change the curvature of the foot.

Shan proportional to the bow. It is a measure tool for sculpture enlargement.

Shan Point Meter. For three coordinate locator, used to copy stone carving and wood carving. 3 datum points are found on the plaster statue, which are aligned and fixed with the positioning pins on the point-type instrument, the movable parts and the universal joints and the pointers on the point-type instrument can be positioned on any one of the space of the statues, and the movable parts are locked. The point-type instrument to the stone or wood, steel for the corresponding datum points, the pointer can be the plaster of the point on the statue of Stone or wood, can be accurately copied into stone and wood carving.

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