Basic knowledge of wrought bronze sculpture: copper processing

- Jul 04, 2017 -

Forging copper is a method of copper processing. Copper processing methods can be generally divided into forging, casting, forging and so on.

Forging----heat---- The product is of good quality and durable.

Casting----molten metal melts into a prior mold to make it cool, casting process industry called Foundry.

Forged flanges are also called flanges or flange. The invention is produced on the basis of cast steel flange, and its strength is much higher than that of cast steel flange.

Forged copper is a series of processing of red copper forging process, copper, which is pure bronze, also known as the copper, has a good conductivity and thermal conductivity, plastic extremely good, easy to hot pressing and cold pressure processing, a large number of electrical wire, cable, brush, electric spark-specific corrosion of copper and other requirements of good conductivity products. Red Copper. Pure copper, which is smelted from sulfide or oxide copper ores, can be used to cast money and make utensils.

Copper is what characteristic: copper has high purity, microstructure, oxygen content is very low. No stomata, trachoma, loose, excellent conductivity, electrical etching of the mold surface of high precision, after heat treatment process, the electrode is not directional, suitable for fine play, fine dozen, with good thermal conductivity, processing, ductility, corrosion resistance and weatherability.

The use of copper forging: can be used in electrical appliances, steam-slip construction and chemical industry, especially terminal printing electrical circuit boards, wire shielding with copper belt, air cushion, bus terminals. Electromagnetic switch, pen holder, house root board and so on. Copper density: 8.96g (cm) the specific gravity of copper: 8.89g (mm) Cu. $number O 003 conductivity S MS M hardness Seine. 2HV

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