Amilla resin tells you how to deal with watermarks

- May 27, 2018 -

We all know that resin handicrafts are based on resin as the main raw material. They are molded by moulds to make various exquisite and beautiful characters, animals and plants, and can be made into various simulation crafts. Such as: imitation copper, imitation gold, imitation ceramics, imitation jade and other resin crafts. Then the emergence of water lines is a day of enemies of resin crafts. The water lines are easy to produce during the rainy season and low temperature season. According to our Amilla's factory experience in producing resin crafts for many years, we have made some suggestions for your reference:

1. Hardeners and accelerants are of poor quality and contain moisture. Dehydration curing agents and accelerators are recommended.

 2. resin crafts production process in the use of a large number of highly absorbent materials, resulting in the resin can easily absorb the moisture in the air and filler, thus affecting the resin curing process, causing watermarks on the surface of the product.

 3. the air humidity, resulting in the resin curing process, the humid air into the mold cavity, the product surface of the resin to produce a polymerization inhibitor, resulting in the surface of the product has a water mark sticky phenomenon occurs.

4. the curing dose is insufficient, the curing of the resin is due to sufficient free radicals and resin unsaturated double bond cross-linking to complete the curing process, the amount of curing agent is insufficient, there will be less free radicals, can not activate a lot Saturated double bonds, resulting in incomplete curing of the resin resulting in water lines, sticking phenomenon.

5. stone powder is wet, and the moisture in the stone powder enters into the resin, which has a destructive effect on the resin, so that the process of curing and crosslinking of the resin is hindered and a water mark is produced on the surface of the product.

6. Moisture of the new mold body, water vapor through the silicone rubber pores, condensed in the inner wall of the mold caused by water lines, it is recommended to do the product before drying the new mold or used in the sun, in special wet weather, before the product Be sure to preheat the mold and remove moisture to avoid water marks.

    Resin crafts are fragile, so to prevent them from falling from high places, because the surface of the gold-plated, it can not be placed in direct sunlight.

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